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welcome to your private GDI Member's Area!

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The GDI Wealth Guide is also available in Spanish and French by clicking the links below:
El Guía de Paso a Paso de Cómo Establecer un “Ingreso Por Vida”
GDI Guide Méthodique à la Richesse

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Have you seen our new DVDs? Order now. Have you seen our new DVDs? Order now.

Have you seen our new DVDs? Order now.

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Using the white tabs to the left, you may choose to do any of the following:

  • Build your Business:

Click on the "Affiliates" tab. Your affiliate control area will then be available for you to invite others to join, purchase leads of prospects, see your upline sponsors' contact information, see your current downline network (customers and agents underneath you), download important documents, get banner code to place on your WebSite(s), see the hit logs of who has accessed your affiliate page ( ), and finally, see the commissions you have been paid as well as what is owed to you for your next check.

  • Manage your Domain(s):

Click on the "Domains" tab. You will then be able to manage your domain name(s) by choosing one of five service options, including:

1)SiteBuilder: Professional pre-formatted templates (default setting) so you may create your own WebSite within minutes.
2)URL Forwarding: You may forward your .ws domain to any other WebSite that you may own.
3)Hosting: Use your own application to build your site. Just FTP your content to our servers and we'll host your site for you.
4)Parking: Simply have your replicated WebSite display when people visit your .WS domain.
5)Nameservers: (Advanced users) You may provide your own DNS servers and we will point your .ws domain to them.

  • Setup your Email:

Click on the "Email" tab. Here you will be able to create as many as 10 (ten) unique email addresses for each domain name you own. You may choose any of 4 (four) options for each email address you create using your .ws domain(s):

1)WebMail: Check your email on the web via This simple yet full-featured webmail system works just like "Hotmail" or "Yahoo" webmail.
2)Forward Email: With this setting, if someone sends a message to , you can choose to have it forwarded to any existing email account you currently use. Set up forwarding for any email address from within
3)POP: This option allows you to download your email directly using an email program of your own. NOTE: If you choose to download your mail, it will be removed from your WebMail interface. Instructions on accessing your email via POP are included with each setup email you receive, as well as the Help section at
4)IMAP: This is the newer client-server protocol. Instructions on accessing your email via IMAP are included with each setup email you receive, as well as the Help section at

  • Update your Account Information:

Click on the "Account Info" tab. On this page you may update all your personal information. This includes your contact information, account password and preferred payment method (update your credit card or checking account).

  • Get Fast Customer Support:

Click on the "Request Support" tab. Have any questions or need anything at all related to your account? We are here to serve you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Just enter your questions or concerns in the form and we'll get back to you by email as soon as possible.


Make sure you periodically read over the FAQ section by clicking on the FAQ button above, or the FAQ link at the bottom of this page. This page contains detailed information on all aspects of, from our revolutionary multi-tier affiliate program through our exciting package of services!